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Jeanne Sakamoto

Jeanne Sakamoto

Jeanne Sakamoto, CPA

Partner - AA

Jeanne Sakamoto, CPA, initially joined Kakimoto and Co. in 1985 after receiving her bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Los Angeles. She has over 20 years of experience in public accounting specializing in auditing and accounting issues primarily associated with foreign-owned domestic corporations. In 1996, Jeanne started her own consulting and accounting firm. She provided standard accounting and auditing services as well as consulting services to other CPA firms and privately-owned companies, advising on a variety of diverse accounting matters related to small business development and expansion. In September of 2002, she rejoined Kakimoto and Co. as a technical assurance manager, and, as part of the Kakimoto & Nagashima LLP team, she is looking forward to working with our clients in working out complex and difficult accounting issues and in developing an awareness of an accounting environment that has been afflicted with current and anticipated reforms.

In keeping pace with today’s global marketplace, financial and business issues are becoming more complex; companies expect expert and informative services. Jeanne believes, that with the depth, experience and integrity of professional staff members at Kakimoto & Nagashima LLP, we can provide a full range of quality services, as well as providing solid and trusted advice, to fulfill our clients’ needs and assist our clients in making better informed business decisions.

Jeanne's favorite activities away from work include golfing, listening to music and getting together with friends and family.

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