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Nobuo Nagashima

Nobuo Nagashima

Nobuo Nagashima, CPA

Founding Partner - Tax

Mr. Nagashima has long been a respected tax professional in the Los Angeles area. Since joining KPMG, Mr. Nagashima has developed his tax expertise in a wide range of industries and businesses. Along with several years in the industry, he has developed an in-depth understanding of the tax law through diligent research and analysis. His primary emphasis is in providing international tax consultations and compliance.

  • Education
    • Graduated from Meiji University, Japan, BS degree in Chemistry
    • Graduated from California State University at Los Angeles, BS degree in Accounting
  • Relevant Experience
    • Employed by KPMG and attained the position of International Tax Partner – 13 years
    • Owner of Nagashima & Company – 12 years
    • Partner of Kakimoto & Nagashima LLP – from 2004
    • Retired from Kakimoto & Nagashima LLP - 12/31/2010

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